Hi and welcome to my blog mymagicstar.com. My name is Susan Campbell and I have made this site to be a helpful resource for parents either expecting and post birth. I am just coming towards the end of my maternity leave after having my little boy Jake who I call My Magic Star hence the name of the website. My aim of this site is to share all the resources that have helped me over the past year, there are certain sites that have made life so much easier for me whilst pregnant and during the firstt few months of birth.

I will also be adding help articles and my tips that can help all the expectant and new mums out there.

Thanks for visting

Susan xx

My list of sites that helped me

Maternity Action
As a single parent things were a bit of a worry, over at https://www.maternityaction.org.uk/ they have so much helpful advice articles to put my mind at rest


As Jake was a few weeks early I could relate to a lot of Carla’s blogs over at https://www.mybump2baby.com, they also have a directory on the site which has been great for finding classes in my area